Susan's NDAD Creation

Susan emailed me her piece and the whole idea screamed warm weather, from the color to what she actually did.  Check out her project!

I have been following your blog since I saw it on Yahoo, but even before I started reading your blog I had intentions of altering a turtleneck I was given as a Christmas present, 2 years ago.

New Dress A Day - DIY - upcycled turtleneck - Goodwill

I really loved the purple hue and the soft feel of the fabric but HATED the actual turtleneck.  I don't like any neckline that is right up against my neck because it makes me feel like I am choking :)

Will Susan just take it all off??

I cut off the neckline free-handed to right where I wanted it and then folded the edges over and sewed it in place.  It isn't perfect and I might embellish the neckline a little someday, but I like it a whole lot better than I did before. 

New Dress A Day - DIY - upcycled turtleneck - Goodwill

This isn't my first refashion - I jazzed up a pair of shoes not to long ago and it certainly won't be my last!

I love that even though a part of the shirt didn't work, Susan just took matters into her own hands to make it perfect for her!  I love the scoop neck style and there is always room for embellishing around the edges, just like she mentioned.  Thanks so much for sharing your piece with us, S!!  You can see more from Susan here!