Charity Saturday: Robin Hoods

I became privy of robin hoods and the founder, Tracey Van Vooris, through one of my best friends and I just fell in love with what she was doing.  It's something that I really wanted to share just because I'm so proud of her following a passion to really do something incredible that will help people.  Here's her story...

My mom was diagnosed with a terminal, grade 4 glioblastoma which is a fancy term for "one nasty SOB of a brain tumor." The prognosis was certainly bleak, with only 40% of patients surviving a year after diagnosis.

Fortunately, my mom is extremely tough and even more stubborn, and she is fighting this cancer tooth and nail.  Despite the hardship, there have been many surprising and wonderful gifts that have come out of this diagnosis: a renewed closeness with my family, the cementing of so many important friendships and relationships in my life, and even a new business venture that I have chosen to pursue, robin hoods.

To be brief, after trying tirelessly to find my mom some head covers to mask her scars and hair loss, I was beyond disappointed at the lack of stylish, well-made, and comfortable head covers available. As such, I designed a line of stylish head covers (turbans, modified head scarves, etc.) under the name robin hoods (my mom's middle name)...

New Dress A Day - Robin Hoods - Kickstarter Campaign - Fabrics

...and I'm approaching the final stages of development before I officially launch. 

My focus was on using only the most beautiful, high-quality materials...

New Dress A Day - Robin Hoods - Kickstarter Campaign - Fabrics

...a clean design...

New Dress A Day - Robin Hoods - Kickstarter Campaign - Fabrics

...and made with love from start to finish. The result, a product that appeals to women of all ages and style sensibilities, and makes the wearer look, and subsequently, feel better! 

Tracey started a Kickstarter campaign to gather funds for her new venture and I just had to support the cause.  From those of us who have been touched by cancer in some way or another this is something I’m so happy to get behind and share.

New Dress A Day - Robin Hoods - Kickstarter Campaign - Fabrics

You can find the Kickstarter page here and see all the awesome stuff Tracey is up to on Facebook.  Yay for Tracey and putting her love into something so amazing!!  I couldn't be more excited for her to get robin hoods rocking and rolling!