156 Days to Go: Wednesday Giveaway!

I've been home working like a busy bee with book edits but took a quick jaunt to downtown LA to pick up a few supplies...there are some fun projects on the horizon and I was missing a few key ingredients!  I parked on one of those rooftop structures and made my way to the elevator.  This is what I saw when it opened. New Dress A Day - Sketchy Elevator

I did a double take and questioned getting on it because I thought it was going to kidnap me, but then a mother and daughter got on too.  I figured if the elevator kidnaps me, it'll kidnap all of us.  We luckily survived the one story ride.  And stairs...nowhere to be found.

I was in bead, bauble, and button heaven!!

New Dress A Day - Racks of buttons!

I grabbed some thread (colors I had run out of and needed), replacement zippers, elastic, and fabric!

Garment District!

I needed to grab more fabric for curtains (I'm finally curtain-ing my apartment!!) and totally scored at Michael Levine.  (I went to their pay-by-the-pound area as well and found a few keepers!)

New Dress A Day - Fabric - Michael Levine

A quick and successful trip was had before it was back to the books...literally.

I bought some of those buttons above as well as fun floral stud earrings and a sewing kit to give away today.

New Dress A Day - Button Giveaway

Because there were so many fun earring colors, I just couldn't go with that gold pair alone.  I snagged a few more summery options as well to make this a goodie day where eight people will win (1 earring/button/kit winner, 7 stud winners).  I'm a sucker for stud earrings and couldn't resist.  My green tomato pin cushion made the perfect grassy looking display!

New Dress A Day - Floral Earrings

To win, leave a comment below of your #1 & #2 fave summery color options - magenta, mauve, gold, copper, turquoise, and mint are what you've got!  I want you to hopefully get your choice if you end up one of the multiple, random, lucky winners!  Winners will be chosen on Monday, 5/21!