163 Days to Go: Bumpits & Closets

The day started off a little like this - the finger pointed to my head...yeah, that's a Bumpit underneath.  New Dress a Day - Bumpit

I'm a newbie to the world of Bumpit and have become completely obsessed.  My hair is SO fine, like Mickey, that the little boosty Bumpit comb gave it the perfect lift.  I didn't go as crazy as Snooks...

Snooki Bumps It!

I wore my Where the Wild Things Are T-shirt during my sew/trim/paint part of my day to celebrate one of my favorite authors, Maurice Sendak, after hearing about his death.  He helped make WTWTA an all time favorite and a constant reminder of my childhood bookshelf.

New Dress a Day - DIY - Vintage Dress - Where the Wild Things Are T shirt- 163

I ended up going a bit overboard - PS, I need a rewatching of that film stat. It was one of my favorites (pre-Garry Marshall Valentine's Day-NYE-Labor Day Weekend-National Donut Day holiday movies) and the place where I began having closet dreams.  Even at eight, I had my ducks in a row.

New Dress A Day - Best. Closet. Ever. - Goldie Hawn - Overboard

Back to going overboard, I started a few too many projects today and didn't completely finish any of them!  (Sorry :()  From trimming, to dyeing, to glitter painting...

New Dress a Day - DIY - Vintage Dress - Tulip Fabric Paint - 163

...I went a bit in over my head.  I know which piece will get finished for tomorrow though...already accessorizing in my head!!

New Dress a Day - DIY - Vintage Dress - Where the Wild Things Are T shirt 2 - 163

To close the post, this line always gets me, even in my 30s.

“And Max, the king of all wild things, was lonely and wanted to be where someone loved him best of all.”

Let that wild rumpus start, Maurice :)