Countdown Begins! 180 Days to Go: Hadassah's NDAD Creation

Let the countdown begin!!  New posts happening each day until the book comes out on 10/17.  Around the interwebs world in (1)80 days!! Today's piece comes from my gal Hadassah.  She remade one of my favorite pieces...

I've been following your work since you started, and I must say, you are amazing! A few months ago you remade some shoes by covering them in googly-eyes and as soon as I saw them, I wanted to do the same.

Here are the shoes - the Christian Louboutin slingbacks... (Refresher HERE!)

Shoe, DIY, New Dress A Day

My version for 99% off the retail price...

New Dress A Day Louboutin Slingback Shoe DIY

I got the shoes…

New Dress A Day Shoe DIY

…and was able to do my own version!

Thought my fingers are now covered in crazy glue (I know, I should have worn gloves but I wanted my shoes for school the next day)...

New Dress A Day Shoe DIY

I’m in love with my finished product.

New Dress A Day Shoe DIY, Christian Louboutin

Since you were the inspiration behind it all, I thought I would share!  Keep making those awesome remakes!  Have a great day!"

Thanks Hadassah!  I love your version.  Multi-colored too!!