New Site, New Look, Same Marisa

Hi friends!  The site is up and running!  Woo hoo :) NewDressADayDIYMarisaLynch

We're still working through a few things that will come over the next week or so, but we've got new categories to pull from, new background (which happens to be fabric from one of the dresses in the book), new font, new buttons (Pinterest!)...

And, we're going back to daily blogging, counting down until the book release...10-17-12!!!  Yippee!!

In addition to remaking the pieces that you've sent my way, there are going to be dollar days, more designer copycats, tutorials (I know I said that last year, but the book got in the way!), giveaways, other crafters/etsy sites/thrift stores that I love, your amazing creations, and a few other tricks up my sleeve. (PS, my sleeve is pretty puffy with all the stuff I've stuck up it...)

We're rocking and rolling on the third year and I can't wait to get started.  Let the book countdown begin!