Week 9: Stacy's NDAD Creation

Today's remake comes from Stacy - I thought it fitting to use this piece she sent my way because it was totally reminiscent of the one I did this past week - a Turkish dress turned tunic that my aunt passed on to me.  We could be twinsies...  Here's mine as a refresher:

Marisa - Before

"I have been a huge fan of your blog for awhile now, and I have been inspired to do a few of my own remakes (with the help of my best friend Jen who makes fashion accessories, purses, etc. - and who taught me to sew last year).  This one we did was a dress to shirt transformation...

Here's Stacy's before:

Stacy - Before
Stacy - Before
We both had gold trim and gold cuffs - the only thing missing was a gold trimmed slit in the front!

I was drawn to the fun embroidered neckline and sleeves on the green top. I am pretty sure it was a housecoat from the 60-70's?  (I was totally drawn to the neckline too!!)

Stacy - After

Stacy in green, me in black...

Marisa - After

Thanks for the inspiration!"

I think we could totally be in a refashionista tunic gang  :)  Thanks for sharing Stacy!