Week 8: Esra

Today's piece came from within the family...my Aunt Esra handed this one over to me.  She's pregnant and gave me a few pieces to add to the collection - I totally scored on behalf of the little gal en route!  This one is is a dress from Turkey (she's Turkish) and I couldn't wait to make a few small tweaks. Week 8: Esra - Before

I love the gold trim, but this was just screaming tunic to me!!Grabbed my scissors...

Trim ready!

...and got cutting.  I cut a little over a foot off from the bottom, taking off the slit with the gold trim attached.

And we're cutting!

I was thinking about lining the bottom of the top with that gold trim, but there wasn't enough to go around, plus I liked the gold accent staying focused right at the neck.  There was a mini-hole situated right around where I cut, but with preparing a new hem and folding the bottom of the piece under, this was going to be hidden!

Live Through This ('lil Hole shout out...get it, Hole?!)

I pinned my new hem, sewed it down, and had my top ready to go!!  Such an easy tweak that looks super chic.

Quick and easy new hem!

I rolled the sleeves hiding the gold trim at the cuff edges, paired it with some skinny jeans along with my black swapped Kenneth Cole ankle boots, and my new tunic was complete.

Week 8: Esra - After

Love seeing how crazy my hair looks after the photos are taken...I turned my head upside down and bunned it.  Obviously I did not look in the mirror prior to the photo.  My head must be clouded with all the scents coming from my damp/dank closet :)


PS, little update on the waterlogged/mildewy/moldy closet sitch...the building handyman arrived and got to work!

Two of six holes in my closet!

Apparently the leakage is coming from the cold water faucet of my upstairs neighbor's tub.  The tub mechanics are getting handled tomorrow and this debris...

Shelf that used to hold shoeboxes...

...should be gone in a few days.  I can't begin to thank all of you who submitted tricks and tips for cleaning my leather jacket.  I have a few more coats that had some water spottage/stains on them too that I caught today going through everything thoroughly.  I'm going to head to the dry cleaners tomorrow to get them back into wearable shape :)

Yay for Friday!!