Week 10: Wool Sweater Continued

I teased a shot of today's sweater a few days back - refresher below... Wooly Mammoth - Before

It was super cute to begin with - lovely cable knit, thick wool piece - but it was just not making waves in my closet.  It was making waves in my donation bag until I saw this...

Berroco's Gold Foiled Yarn

I was completely inspired by this gold foiled yarn that I saw while scoping out Berroco's site.  This struck me as awesome, and when I was gathering road trip warmness from my donation bag, this sweater screamed 'try this out', so I did!

Using Tulip's Fashion Glitter Shimmer Fabric Paint and my little foam pal, I was REH, TA, GO.

Paint & Brush time!

I decided to focus on the thick cable knit strips (the ones right on top of the word 'time' in the photo above) to paint on top of.  Two on the front, two on the back and two on each arm.

I began with that foam brush and then tossed it and used my finger instead.  Nothing like finger painting on wool!!

Finger paintin'

After working on the front of the sweater, giving it some time to dry, and then finishing up the back, I had a button down sweater with some hints of golden shine!!

Wooly Mammoth - After

After seeing how this came out, I'm thinking that I want to add more gold paint, to make it even more apparent!!

View from behind...

The subtle hints shined in the sun and it gave the sweater just a little bit of sass.

Shimmer ECU!

I wore this piece my last day in the south when it finally hit 30 degrees.  I saw my breath, friends.  I saw my breath!!

Sibling love!

Road trip is finished and cold weather gear has been unpacked from my large suitcase.  I'm hoping LA gives me a few days here and there where I can rewear some of these warm goodies.

Happy weekend friends!!