Week 10: Valentine's Sweater Continued

I gave a little sneak peek into the sweater I crafted for today - here it is again... V Day Work in Progress!

I was completely inspired by Zooey Deschanel's AMAZE Rachel Antonoff dress she wore hosting SNL this weekend and thought to myself, 'Self, get out your fabric paints, it's time to make a little copycat version using an old Banana Republic sweater hanging in your closet."  (OK, so that was a bit longer than the actual conversation I had in my head which was, "Self, let's do this!"

Zooey rocking her monologue in Rachel Antonoff!

Using an old BR sweater...

Old Banana Republic sweater

...I'm getting my craft on!!

I took some thicker notebook paper from a wire ringed journal and folded it a few times and cut heart shapes out!

Template Cutting

With my squares of cut out hearts, I placed them all over my sweater.  I'm using these as my templates to fill in with fabric paint!!!

Template covered sweater!

To ensure these puppies don't go anywhere, I went to town with the tape.  No, scratch that.  I went to city with the tape.

Tape Down!

When everything was taped down in place, I went to Tulip Soft Velveteen Fabric Paint in white, a foam paint brush and filled in all the lil' hearts.

Paint time!

Letting the piece dry for a few hours, I started the hike up tape removal mountain.


It was fun peeling everything off and seeing cute little hearts left on the sweater!


There was a small spot where some paint went awry (aka, I got a little paint brush crazy) so to fix this small mistake, I used Tulip Glow paint and covered it up.

Small snafu...

Painted a small little heart free hand, and we were back on track!

Snafu handled!

My finished Valentine's Day ensemble...

V-Day Sweater - After

I was totally thrilled with how it came out and felt like Zooey's heart-shaped twin.

Justin Bieber Heart <3

PS, I will still rock this past Valentine's Day.  I'm gonna be Queen of Hearts in March and in April too.


And to finish today's post, in NDAD tradition, my favorite V Day related clip straight from 30 Rock.

Happy Valentime's Day friends :)