Week 18: Fabric Bows

So yesterday I finished up some embellished kitchen gloves for my mom (PS, she approved) and today I'm working on the last few gifts for my girlfriends!  Sidenote to the gloves - some of you had questioned about the material that was stitched on...I wanted to go with what I had, but feel free to use oil cloth instead, as that's waterproof.  My mom is the neatest dish washer, so the fabric won't be a issue for her :) I was at Forever 21 doing some inspiration shopping (ie. visual purchasing) and came across these...

Bow earrings!

...I loved the fabric bows as studs, and used this as my inspiration for a few nifty gifts!

I began with the leftover fabric from Week 20: Pam...

Pam's Dress

...and cut two strips, about three inches long and an inch wide.

Trimning a few swatches

Once my strips were cut, I ironed the edges in and was left with strips about 1/4 inch in width.  I turned on my glue gun and began to glue down my bow.  I glued one end into the center and took the other and did the same.

Hot gluin'

I made a little faux knot in the center of the bow with more material to give it a total bow look.


Now, you can make stud earrings too, with just a flat pad earring finding and gluing the bow to the stud, but I decided to go with little rings!

I took some elastic...

Elastic Time!

...and trimmed a bit off, measuring the appropriate amount that fit around my finger.  (Measure your fingers then give a little bit extra for give to use while stitching the ends together. )

Stitch the ends together...

Once my elastic was stitched, I began to stitch the bow to the elastic.

Stitch the bow to the elastic...

After a few loops of the needle, my new ring was complete!!

New Ring!

It turned out cute and rivals the F21 bow accessory above.  This also happened to match my vintage navy clutch to a tee!!  I'll have a batch done for gifts in no time!!

Partner in crime!

Because these extra long hours I've been pulling over the past few months while working on the book has gotten me completely addicted to caffeine, I figured I'd pass along my love/addiction your way.

Day 21 Giveaway Goodies

This barista kit will keep you heavily caffeinated and warm during the winter!!  There are two fabulous flea market find mugs, an assortment of Tazo teas, a brick of Swedish coffee (from Ikea's marketplace), a milk frother, and some recipe cards to make a perfect latte and iced coffee.

To win, leave a comment below of your favorite beverage - be it Vitamin Water, something warm, something boozy, or something warm and boozy.  A winner will get chosen randomly tonight (12/22) and mentioned in tomorrow’s (12/23) post. Congrats to laura_r_78 who won yesterday's goodies!

I have to say that during the season, there's nothing like mulled wine, but I'm a total fan of fountain beverages, especially Dr. Pepper.