Week 24: Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!  My favorite skull friend has returned again this season! Happy Halloween!!!

My Halloween-ing consisted of getting to check out an exhibit at LACMA featuring a collection of Tim Burton's personal drawings, notes, cartoons, movie memorabilia, and costumes from his films.  I'll be at home tonight handing out Scooby-Doo lollipops, though, so fill me in on your fun Halloween-ing activities!

Tim Burton!!

Unfortunately they wouldn't allow photos, but the real hand of scissors from Edward Scissorhands was there, a progression of eyeballs from Large Marge in Pee Wee's Big Adventure, as well as Michael Keaton's sleeves from Beetlejuice.  I was in heaven - he's one of my favorites and it was really cool to see sketches of his characters in the early stages of creation.

Speaking of creations...

I was inspired to make some jewelry after seeing this cuff by Gara Danielle.  Inspired by the spiderwebs and I loved that it was gold.

Spiderweb Cuff by Gara Danielle

This one has a price tag of $1195 and as much as I love it, this won't be a purchase I'll be making.

I'm taking the spiderwebby feel and making my own on the super-cheap!!


I started off at Michael's and grabbed a few doilies.  These are going to be my spiderwebs - cheap, and they have the essence of spiderwebs and they're not sticky!!

Doilies, aka knit spiderwebs

First step was molding the crocheted doilies.  I took an empty soda can (I've been on a Cherry Coke kick as of late) filled with a little bit of water to add weight and to keep it from rolling and some of Aileen's Stiffen Quick and began to spray.

Shaping the doily!

The Stiffen Quick is genius because it hardens and adds shape to fabrics and worked brilliantly for the doilies.


Once my shape was formed...

All molded!

...it was time to get golden!  With Krylon's Glitter Paint in gold...

Spray Paint Time!!

...I sprayed away!!

Spray paint time!

Once my doily was painted, I took some black chain that I got at the local fabric store and used jewelry pliers to connect them to the doily edges.  I'm using two on each side.  I attached the first pair...

Chain links!

...and then the second.  I connected the ends of each pair with split rings that I had in my kit.  FYI - spring rings, some wire, thread even - whatever you've got will work fine for this.

Clip and pinch!

I attached a jump ring (the clasp) at the end...

Clasp time!

...clamped the ends together...

Finished product...from the back!

...and added some fun friends to the new bracelet!!

Creepy Crawlers!

The bugs were just safety pinned, so the bracelet can be rocked sans buggies :)  Once they're off I'm going to add a rhinestone or two in the center to chic it up a bit.


I was craving ice cream and saw signs about soft serve driving past Burger King with my brother.  These were just laying on the counter so I came up with a fast and easy costume accessory on the fly!!

BK Crowns...

So, very incognito...

Grab & Go!!

I snagged two!  Quick crown craft that you can make in minutes and wear as soon as the paint dries!

Step 1: Grab your paint!

Gold Crown!

Step 2: Spray your crown!

Quick paint job

Step 3: Let dry then add your gems!!

Glue gems!

Step 4: Rock that crown!

Clipped and ready!


I grabbed a bunch of colors for the nails this year...there were too many fun options, so I went with a medley.

Polish & Picks!

The toothpicks were the key here...

White dabs for eyes...

I used them to make dots for the eyes, legs for the spiders, blood drips for the blood drips :)

Spiders & Eddie Munster (kinda)

The Eddie Munster was struggling a little, but if I didn't use orange as a base it would have been way better.

Eye see you!

Cat eye and bloody nails to finish them off...

The blood!!

I'm already starting to think of more nail options for next year, as I'm kind of into the finger art!!

Halloween isn't over yet...I've got two goody bags ready to send off - included are my favorite candies like Nestle Crunch, Care Bear Gummy Bears, Scooby-Doo lollipops, Swedish Fish, Halloween Peeps (yes!!), and Halloween Pop Rocks...

Halloween goodies!

...as well as a nail polish duo of white and dark/blackish-blue to create spiderwebs or eyes whenever you please, some plastic beetles-turned-hair clips, and a fabulous glitter spider turned into a bracelet (courtesy of some ribbon and my hot glue skills.)  I love the creepy, crawly jewelry!!

Bug Clip!

Leave a comment below with a favorite costume or what you wore this year and the 2 winners will be randomly picked tomorrow evening, Tuesday (1/1) at 11:59pm...mwahahahahah.