Week 25: Halloween Costume!

This year, I had some early Halloween plans - a taping of Ellen DeGeneres's Halloween episode!  These were last minute tickets, so a last minute costume had to be procured.  Per the ticket description, a pair of cat ears was not going to cut it. Ellen!

I began to think and started to jot down some ideas and then it came to me.  I'm pretty excited about this idea... something totally fun, but most importantly easy!!

First part of the costume - a chef's coat and hat.

Chefs Coat!!

I ran to a local restaurant supply store and got jacket on clearance for $5 and a chef's hat for $5 as well.  If I still worked at that restaurant I worked at years ago...I would have had to borrow!

Next part of the costume...

Swedish Fish!!

Get it??  I'm a crazy Muppets fan too, so this costume is gonna rock. Borg, borg, borg...here I come!!

Once I had my bag of goodies, I grabbed some of these...

Box o'pins!!

I pulled the little bags of fish out from the big bag of fish...

School of Fish!

...and began to pin to my jacket.  Literally two steps total.

There were 115 packets of both Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids (it was a combo bag), so trick-or-treating candy was procured at the same time as getting my costume together.  Woo!

The costume really took hold with the addition of a 'stache and a big, red bow tie.

Stache & Bow Tie!

...and that sticker of the Swedish Chef.

Borg, borg, borg!!

Once complete, I made my way to the show.

Swedish Chef!!

Got seats...

Stache & Ticket!!

...and I met up with my other chefs...

Chef's Circle!

...and got to sit right behind a favorite costume - Mmm!

Cup of Noodles!!

Neil Patrick Harris was on in pirate gear and Ellen dressed up like the British girls in ballet outfits who sang Nicki Minaj's "Superbass".

Boy, you got my heart beat running away...

After a Halloween-y day, pre-Halloween, I came home and started cooking!

Dinner Service

Easy costume, budget friendly, lots of "that's so cute" being heard in the crowd - total win of a costume!!

Self Portrait via iPhone

More Halloween fun to come - nails, spiders, and bracelets, oh my!!