Week 32: Cassidy

This piece was found as I was hopping over the city of Los Angeles this past weekend actually.  Since Saturday and Sunday becomes the super hyped, "Carmageddon" weekend (only in LA is something named after a blockbuster movie), you SoCal friends know what I'm talking about, however to those non-Los Angelenos, it's the weekend that the heavily, heavily, heavily, heavily trafficked 405 freeway shuts down, I wanted to prepare and get out now. CARMAGEDDON!! In theaters on Friday!!

Since they're calling for massive, massive delays/hold ups/traffic, I figured that I'd hold off on city hopping and errand running and made a few garage sale pit stops this past weekend.  Watch, it'll be smooth and breezy and the 'emergency goods' (I literally drove past a 99 Cent Store that was featuring an emergency goods sign in their window) will be stuff to hold onto for those earthquake kits!

So, to the dress...at one of my garage sale stops, I rifled through a bunch of pieces and saw this cute floral material.

Week 32: Cassidy - Before

Slight issue was that the strap that was hanging.  It was too big for me too, which would need to get tweaked, but the strap had become detached.  I bought a glass, well plastic cup, of lemonade from Miss Cassidy and after scoping out the goods she gave me the dress as a present, after asking her parents :)

First thing I did was attach that strap back to the piece.

Pinned that flailing strap!!

Once that strap was a go...

Strap Stitch Down!

...it was time to bring it all in!!  I took in a few inches on each side to make the piece fit me and it was the perfect summer piece that took less than ten minutes to complete.

Side Stitch Down!

Paired with a red sash in my bag of tricks, I was off to the market to finally fill up my new fridge!

Week 32: Cassidy - After

I've had a Brita water pitcher, scattered condiments brought from my old place and a few bottles of champagne that were given as congratulations gifts for the book.  It was like an episode of MTV cribs in my place.

Kim's Cribs Fridge!!

Now I've got turkey franks, salad fixins and some OJ to add to the mix :)  We're getting there... Apartment Week is around the corner!