Week 33: Anne-Marie's NDAD Creation

I got this email from Anne-Marie in Ohio and the print is what grabbed my attention this week!!  I've been in a sea of polka dots (I'm wrangling pieces for the book, and found a few!!) January Jones Polka Dotting!!

...so I figured I'd share the wealth a bit!!

"I found this piece at a thrift store for $1.50 and loved the polka dots and the pockets. I was not a fan of the HUGE shoulder pads, buttons and fit.

Anne-Marie - Before

The shoulder pads and a whole section of fabric that appeared to be just for the pads came out with the help of my seam ripper. Since this piece of fabric was taken out, I decided it would be easiest to make it into a sleeveless dress! It also had to be taken in on the sides and made a little shorter. I replaced the buttons and viola! New dress!

Anne-Marie - After

I am loving learning to sew and can't wait to tackle more pieces. Thanks for inspiring me to do this Marisa!  :)"

Anne-Marie, way to make things you weren't thrilled about...shoulder pads, buttons and fit...into a sleek and chic ensemble!!