Week 36: Dyan - Part II

So back a few weeks ago (Week 42 to be exact!) I began with this muumuu sent from Dyan... Dyan's muumuu!

Loved the little top that was made out of it, but I had all this material leftover...

The leftovers!

Today, I'm going to tackle the rest of this lovely floral material!

I'm going down the wrap skirt road today!  I used some of the extra grosgrain ribbon that was leftover from my Tommy Hilfiger copycat day and pinned it to the edges of 2/3 of the piece. (The other 1/3 that wasn't used is on one end...this is the part that will be wrapped under and hidden.)

Grosgrain trim on the edging!

I stitched down my ribbon...

Stitching down my new waist!

...and with the 1/3 that I didn't add ribbon to, I wrapped and tacked it down inside the skirt with a button (feel free to use safety pins, velcro) and then made a lovely bow with the hanging ribbon!

Because this fabric made me think of a living room, I went matchy, matchy today!!  Olive and powder blue to bring it all together!

Week 36: Dyan - Part II

If only the containers that our salads came in were evening blue...