Week 36: Melissa

My navy blue number was sent in from Melissa in MI! "I bought this dress at a 50 cent tag day at the Rustic Market here in Grand Rapids, MI. I'm a big thrift shopper and have set rules about trying things on before I buy them.  Well, it appeared large enough and since I was running late for work, bought it anyway, with visions of elegant dinners at restaurants overlooking Lake Michigan, while wearing my simple, yet sexy dress.

Week 36: Melissa - Before

Well, just can't break your own rules without paying the consequences. With an ample bustline, I looked like a human cartoon. I hope it finds a new home with you Marisa!"

Is it wrong that I'm secretly thankful that you broke your rule Melissa?  I'm loving getting the chance to work on this piece today.

I loved the buttons, the color - it felt a bit military, so I wanted to bring a little more structure and give it a little more femininity. First stop was grabbing some lace...

La, La, La, La, Lace

I decided that I'd create little cap sleeves with some dangling lace at the shoulder.  I did a little hand stitching to affix the lace to the sleeves.

Hand stitching!

After stitching both sleeves, I went to work on the rest of the piece.

Post stitch!

I decided to make it shorter, so I cut off the bottom of the piece...

Trim trim trim!

...and began pinning to give it a new hem.

Post trim...

I also ended up taking it a few inches on both sides to really make it more snug on me.

New hem & body fitting time!

After a little nipping and tucking, I had a new top ready to celebrate LG's birthday!!

Week 36: Melissa - After

I paired this piece with a white tank underneath - the V was deep enough that skin would have been showing, so I did a little covering up and added my vintage tassel necklace to go along with.

LG had on her crown, adorned with feathers and rhinestones...

Birthday Girl!

...and le fiancé MRC attacked, er prepped her red velvet cake with candles.

MRC hacking the cake

I've got a sweet tooth, but weirdly enough, the red velvet thing doesn't do it for me.  Love the colors, don't love the cream cheese frosting!

Cake pic!

So...I was totally ok and on board with the potential bite stealing that was taking place.

Cake stealer

It wouldn't be a night for the birthday gal without a spin on the big wheel o'drink specials.  She was actually just getting prepped for her birthday trip to The Price is Right...we'll have to find out if she really got to spin the big wheel.

Spin that wheel!!

(Little aside...I did TPIR back in my college years myself, when Bob Barker was still at the reigns, got called down the second to last game, got overbid by $1 by a gal who was there since the beginning and went home with Elvis CDs and Eggland's Eggs.  Vid is still in VHS format, but we'll do some transferring shortly)

Melissa, thank you for sending this 50 cent mistake my way :)  You'll find that hot dress for dinners overlooking Lake Michigan soon!!