Week 40: Nancy

I got this piece from Nancy in Mass! Week 40: Nancy - Before

Floral sundress, check.  Piece screaming for a bit of glam to be added to it, check!

"I have boxes of these dresses that I wore all the time 20 years ago.  I should do something with them instead of sending them your way, ha!"

My first plan of attack was getting rid of these plastic white buttons.  I 'm adding some back on, but they won't be plastic...

Buttons off!

They'll be gold and fabulous!

I've got the golden buttons!

The buttons came from a mish-mosh basket of random buttons at the craft store that I had picked up a bit back knowing they'd come in handy soon.  I guess today is soon :)

After the buttons were removed, I began to hand stitch the new buttons on.

Hand Sew Time!

I added on one...

Buttons on!

...and then the other.  I didn't do a third button because I decided to trim the neck a bit.  I made a snip at the top of the piece down to the first button and pinned each side underneath to sew.

Trim time!

Because I wanted the body to be a bit more fitted, I took the piece in from the back.  I took it in twice, because the first go still left it a bit big, which ended up being about four inches in one seam down the middle of the back.

Taking in from the back!

Once the piece was all sewn, I paired it with a matching gold belt and my brown wedges.

Week 40: Nancy - After

It's been feeling a LOT like summer so I took this on my way to grab a cold afternoon beverage.  My shoes began digging into my feet and had to make a decision. The trade off was...7-11 trip three blocks away for a Slurpee & blisters on my feet or Coffee Bean a block away for an iced coffee & non pained feet.


I went with the iced coffee :)

Nancy, I love this fun dress you sent my way.  With just a little extra bling the dress was totally changed!!  Stay cool for all those in mini-heat waves like me!!