Week 40: Allison

Royals Week has finished, so it's back to your pieces again!! Today's dress was sent in from Allison in IL...

"There is nothing flattering about this dress anymore and it's been in my basement for years.  Try and see if you can create something from it.  There are rust stains as well, so maybe you can dye it?"

Week 40: Allison - Before

Yep, this wasn't super flattering at all - Allison was definitely right about that!!  She was also right about the gnarly stains on the bottom of it as well...


Dyeing is definitely an option however I'm pretty jazzed about this light denim action we've got in its current state!

Because the rusty spot fell at the bottom of the piece on the back, I did a little trimming to completely get rid of it!

Trim, trim, trim!!

Once the piece was trimmed I hemmed the bottom of the dress and used a quick trick to make it more fitted because I was short on time.  Took a rubber band, gathered a little bustle in the back, and wrapped it around a bit to tighten up.

Quick cinch!

Paired with a vintage pair of tan cowboy-ish boots and a navy tank, the dress was ready to go!!  I unbuttoned the top of the piece, so it was fun to see how it looked during the day - the edges folded underneath in this shot.

Week 40: Allison - After

I loved that this piece looked very similar to this Vanessa Bruno light denim dress below:

Vanessa Bruno's Light Denim Dress

The only other difference aside from the buttons, was the price tag!!  Retailing for $274 this is a piece that can be easily recreated just by finding a piece with a similar shade of denim.

I brought along my American Eagle green and white striped cardi that was worn when the AC got a little chilly, but it made me think of elementary school, because I think I owned something like this when I was a kid.  I also thought it was fitting when I found the Hostess cupcakes during a trip to grab a snack...totally something that would have been in my lunchbox too :)

Snack Time!!

Allison, I love the piece...thank you for sending it my way!!