Week 40: Joan’s NDAD Creation

To tie up Royals Week, I thought it fitting to end with a wedding dress!  I received an email from Joan, a most fabulous Mrs., with photos of her gorgeous dress she created for...wait for it...$100!!  I know, it's amazing!! The dress started off looking like this...a gorgeous embroidered satin and chiffon base to start off with and just $21 on Ebay!

Joan - Before

"I'd found a red petticoat at a garage sale for $5 that inspired the design immensely.  I knew it had to be a focus point of the entire look, so the dress was designed with that in mind.

Red Crinoline!!

I achieved my goal by using lace and pom pom trims found at thrift stores and made hand dyed blush nylon chiffon ruffles as well as using hemmed remnants from the dress.

Pom Poms & Lace!!

I also think there were some subconscious Cinderella musings happening as evidenced in the big double faced satin bows that cinched the sleeves.  I totally adored the Disney scene where the birds are getting her all decked out with the curtains.  Being from very humble beginnings, I could definitely relate!

Cinderelly, Cinderelly!

The upcycled garment of my dreams..."

I now pronounce you husband and wife!

Loved the hints of red from the petticoat, to the shoes, to the roses!!

The cutest!!

Blushing bride, most definitely!!  Joan, I only hope to be as full of joy as you are on my wedding day!  Thanks so much for sharing!

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