Royals Week: Day 5

Royals Week Now that the royal wedding has come and gone, Wills and Kate are the new Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and Kate has been crowned!  Today's piece celebrates that!!

Hello sash-tastic 'royal' blue dress!!

Royals Week: Day 5 - Before

Loved that sequined applique, but didn't love that sash attached!

My sash!!

We're gonna take that off and get this piece looking a little more put together.

The seam ripper came out and I began to take the sash off at the shoulder...

Taking off that sash!

Got the top part removed and PS, this sash will most definitely be repurposed into something fabulous soon.

Halfway gone!

I grabbed the seam ripper again and started to remove the other end of the sash at the waist.

Detaching from the hip!

The full sash has been removed!!  I'm not going for Miss America today, but I'll have that day soon - maybe I'll even have a tiara to wear when I reuse it!

Sash City!

Just a few snips of the dress and my outfit was ready to go!!  Paired with my striped trousers, my red beads and my vintage crown beaded belt, it was party time!!

Royals Week: Day 5 - After

Kate got crowned and so did I!!

My crown!!

Got together with some friends to cheer on the nuptials and pretend we were in the UK instead of the US.

We cheered, but Will's goddaughter Grace van Cutsem did not :)

I mean I tried to go with the UK colors and faux accents may or may not have been used...

Royal Party!

Kate was in McQueen heels...

Her heels...

...and I was in my vintage Anne Klein ones...

My heels!!

Yay for Royals Week!!