Week 44: Brook

Today's red and white striped number came all the way out to me from Vermont and Miss Brook! Weeek 44: Brook - Before

"I've recently become infatuated with shopgoodwill.com. I bought this red and white striped dress thinking it looked just like something from an old movie with horse races and ice cream parlors galore! I absolutely loved the way the arms fell and cuffed around the wrists."

I promise to keep those cuffs intact Brook :)

The way the buttons were set, it felt super Dick Tracy to me.

Dick Tracy!!

So, yeah, I began to take a few of them off!

Buttons off!!

After the buttons were removed, I began to tackle the collar.  Seam ripper began to help the removal process.

Collar off!!

The red came off and I then tucked in the collar to make it more of a V neck.  I pinned it down and handled the length next.

The excess!

Went a little shorter next!  Trimmed about eight inches off...

Shorten up!

..and took it all to the machine!

Stitch the edges!

I decided to do a little pairing of the dress with nudes today - I took my nude pair of Aerosoles heels and a long cardi from Target and had my ensemble ready for the office during the day.  It was chilly and I didn't wear tights, so this sweater stayed on all day.

Cardi by day

Sans sweater, the dress looked a little something like this.

No Cardi by Night!

I got to hang with my pallies again as I met up with their mom for a little belated birthday gathering....

AB & OB!

..OB's cape and my dress matched, AB sang a little bit of 'Tomorrow' for me and we stayed up a bit past the normal bedtime :)  I'm always about breaking the rules just a smidge!!

Thanks for the piece Brook!  I hope it still keeps its vintage look for you but has a bit of that modern twist!!