Week 44: Helen

It's like a Jackson Pollock on this dress!! My neighbor Helen dropped off a bag of goods for me around Thanksgiving, which ended up being too late to use last year, so I was finally getting to one of the little gems that came in the Trader Joe's bag she so graciously donated.  Nothing is better than goodies being dropped off at your door, right?!

Week 44: Helen - Before

I felt like a little artist's palette covered in the primary color spectrum!

I thought a few small changes would really make this one punch.  The yellow and purple sash at the bottom of the dress was bugging me a bit, so I decided to get rid of it.


Did some seam ripping as well as some real ripping...

Rip Curl!

...and removed my little LA Lakers color combo panel...

Removal Success!!

...which will totally be made into something a little like this for my gal MW, the biggest Laker fan I know!

Lakers Headband!!

With the panel removed, I took out the shoulder pads...

Pads, out!

...and had my piece in almost ready-to-wear condition!  The back of the dress had cool buttons that I started playing around and I ended up turning the dress around.  The original front of the dress was fine, however unbuttoning the top few buttons on my new front made it pop a bit more.

Week 44: Helen - AfterWeek 44: Helen - After

I took that yellow sash and tied it up with the bow facing front, which I loved.

New dress!!

The new back of the dress looked a little something like this...

Le Back!

I even tried my hand at some grapefruit picking...

We match!

This totally feels like wearable art and it only took a few brush strokes, er, seam rips to get there!  Helen...I'm finally returning the favor and some freshly baked goodies will be on your doorstep this week :)