Week 45: Marisa

So this number comes from my personal collection. Week 45: Marisa - Before

I bought this a bunch of years back because I loved the pearl detail, I loved the pleats, and I loved the blue color.  Small factoid...I bought it as it was - short and sweet.  Was I thinking that I was going to shrink to fit in it or did I think the midriff-bearing Marisa was going to emerge at some point?

I decided to take it from out of my sweater storage, create some small tweaks to finally make it wearable.  Promise, no midriffs will be bared :)

I grabbed my scissors and trimmed a vertical line down the center.

Snip, snip!

I was going to make this an easy cardigan!


Once I trimmed, I did some pinning...


...then hand stitched the edges in a matching blue shade.


I had some pearl buttons that I was going to affix as a clasp, however I liked how it looked staying open.

I paired this with one of my staple H&M dresses, some gold vintage necklaces, brown tights and my little booties to celebrate the close of my dear friend JS's US travels.

Week 45: Marisa - After

Hung with the old crew at the Sunset Marquis and caught up on engagements to be engaged, purchased domain names by former employers who shall not be named (fyi...we all worked together a few years back and our employer did some slightly hilarious stuff, and by hilarious I mean shady) and planned for a trip to Amsterdam to hang with JS!

MR, JS & JT...just missing JW :)

After catching up on the lovely heated patio, it was bedtime and we headed back to the parking structure to grab the car. I just couldn't resist this before/after shot.

Out of the pot...


In the pot...


I mean it was late...nobody was watching... :)