Week 45: Margie

Los Angeles has been cold and rainy as of late...I'm sure many of you are saying that this makes up for the scattered summer days we've had over the past few months, and I totally agree.  I've deemed that it's all about knits for the rest of the week. Good thing that I've had some awesome options get sent my way.  Today's little pastel and chenille number comes from Margie!!

"This looks like an Easter egg!!" Why yes it does Margie!!

Week 45: Margie

I mean Hop is coming out this week and it was the first day of spring yesterday...


There's just no way this three buttoned number is going stay looking the way it currently does!

First thing's first - those three buttons were coming off!

Pastel buttons!

There had to have been one missing from the three and I'm going with a yellow or a pink shade, if you were asking :)

They're off!

Now that the buttons were off, we were starting to make some headway.  I thought a little change in the neck would be great, so I took some scissors and began to trim.

Center cut!

I pinned under the raw knit edges and it began to start forming the U-ish shape I was going for.  Before we finish it up, the sleeves came next.  I began to take them apart from the body of the sweater at the seam.

Off with the sleeves!!

I got one sleeve off and the other one followed!

One off!

Because I removed the sleeves directly at the seam, there was no fraying taking place!  I didn't have to finish anything on my newly capped sleeves which was lovely.  I just put all my energy into handstitching my new neckline in place.

Neck stitching!

Paired with my jeans, a navy tank top, and beaded necklaces (the same ones I wore on E!'s Oscar show!!) my sweater was looking oh, so much better!!  Just a few easy changes got it looking, dare I say it...chic?

Sweater shot!!

It was SO soft too!!  The perfect cozy top to start the work week off in.  I also paired it with the same grey sweater I wore yesterday.  Now that I grabbed it out of my storage box beneath my bed, I've been wearing it all the time!

Sweater Layers!!

Nothing like being comfortable in a Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, er rain, forecast.