Week 46: St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patty's Day!! To celebrate my heritage today as well as the kick off of the basketball tournament (woo hoo!!) I decided to get a little crafty with a tank, some dye and a few extra goodies!!

My before shot...

Blank Tank!

Wanna see the rundown?

I dyed my tank on the stove top - because it was just the small tank, I grabbed my "dye pot' and went to town.  After ringing out and drying, I took some fun lace from my stash and began stitching it around the arm holes.

Stitching around the arms!

I next grabbed some fun iron-ons I snagged from my fabric store and put together a little jersey-style back.  Quick and easy iron on's are my favorite!!

And, speaking of Jersey, in true Pauly D fashion..."IT'S T-SHIRT TIIIIME!!"

New Tank!!

Rit dyed tank, lace around the sleeves, shamrock stickers and...


...temporary tattoo time!!  I chose a shamrock in a big circular rainbow.

The back & the tat!

...which tied so nicely into the back of my tank.  Ironed on letters and numbers with a little bit of sequin trim around the 17.  It was also the crazy first day of the NCAA tourney, so I got a little sporty while being green today!

I ran into my friend Mr. Ross Mathews, looking super, super svelt in a green jacket.  (PS, he was just named a Jenny Craig's new spokesperson - yay!!  Check out his blog post here!!)

Me & RM!

After handing out stickers, we realized the leprechaun had a very, very similar resemblance to MRC - same beard, rockin' a hat...he had a little pal on his shoulder all night!

MRC & his leprechaun pal!

We had one pickle to share and opted not to have a 'Picklegate' instance occur again like it had in past years...


...one pickle on a plate like this?  Come on!!

Corned beef!

The live Irish band, The Plowboys, rocked the stage yet again this year and we clapped and swung around during "Whiskey in a Jar" and swayed to "Danny Boy".

No, we're not arm wrestling!

Another fun year with the Tam O'Shanters crew...

Green crew!

...hope there was a little pot of gold for all of you this year!