Week 46: Joan

Today's piece was a gorgeously fabricked dress with fab gold collar detail that Joan sent my way in fall.  Back when I thought I'd be doing a 'Donation Week' last year I gladly accepted and ended up holding onto it until now. Week 46: Joan - Before

The size was off, the sleeves were big and I ultimately thought it would work better as a tunic of sorts, to lessen the busy-ness of the 60s pattern as much as I loved it.

Started with the sleeves!


Used my seam ripper to remove one...

One off!

...then the other!

Two off!

With both sleeves off I began to work on the length, first cutting...

Shorten it up!

...then prepping a hem.


Fixing the bottom of the piece as well as the arms - I had to take it in a bit as well right under the arm holes - my new top was ready to be worn!!

Final Tweaks!

Prepping for the NCAA tourney, I saw my alma mater USC lose against VCU but still celebrated the March Madness that is to come filling out my bracket!

Tunic Time!

Went to Barney's to meet up with my girls in my new tunic, a navy tank underneath, jeans and my vintage chestnut boots from ebay and found a metered spot, as you can see...

Week 46: Joan - After

We had a little catch up night at our go-to spot which just happens to be sportsy early on in the night before turning into Karaoke City USA on Wednesdays.

Happy Trio :)

We took off before the crooners got really, really into it.  I heard a little Michael Jackson to start then it just went downhill...

On a side note, who's in for the NCAA tourney?  Want to hear your bracket picks!!  It's always fun rooting for other teams during this which turns into one of the most fun times of the year!   Thanks to Joan for this fabu piece - loved the way it turned out!!