Week 50: Emily’s NDAD Creation

I must say that when I read all of your amazing emails I get so excited with the creations that you come up with!  It makes me feel like a proud mama as I look at the fab pieces y'all make :) Today's comes from my gal Emily F. and I just loved what she had to say... "I found your blog after Yahoo featured you in August, and I was so inspired by what you were doing (and a little jealous!).  I had long since neglected my sewing machine and the piles of old clothes waiting for a make-over that I had thrifted over the years.  I am a teacher now, and it is a very demanding job!  But, it is also one that allows for (actually requires) a lot of creativity, and I guess I had felt for a long time that choosing such a demanding career meant I had to forsake creative pursuits that were just for myself.  I put away my drawing supplies, my paints, my stacks of fabric, and spent all my time working on perfecting my craft as a teacher - as if that is ever possible!

Anyway, after reading your blog, I was immediately struck by that old creative itch!  I went right to my basement and grabbed an old coat that someone had once given me.  It was far too big, and had always seemed hopeless.  I'm not even sure why I kept it all these years!  I pulled it out, and began to see it in a new light.  I made myself finish it in that first day (okay, truthfully, I had to go back and get that lining later), because I knew having a project hanging over my head would never do.  As a teacher and mom, I value my time so much more now than I ever did before.  In the past, I would started with some great idea, run out of steam, and thrown it into a "to-do" pile, never to be seen again!  But, seeing how disciplined you were, and knowing that real life was waiting to pounce on me as soon as my summer break was over, I forced myself to finish it.  And luckily, the coat turned out pretty great - even wearable!"

Way to take care of business Emily :)  Once you get in the groove, it becomes easier and you get on a kick!  So, here's Em's before - I love her face in this...it's exactly how I feel trying on lots of my ridiculous before pieces! (Love the little partner in crime too, BTW)

Week 50: Emily

Let's see what she did!

"I found an old paisley dress in my basement, that was meant to be part of a Halloween costume at some point, and turned it into a cute halter dress, using a blue tube top and your signature "cinch and pinch" trick for the bodice!"

Emily - After

And now for the back shot...

Emily - After (from behind!)

I love the creativity Emily!!  Using stuff that you've got in your own closet is even better than heading out to Goodwill at times!  It's cheaper, for one, and you can 'shop' in your sweats and slippers which I am ALL for :)