Week 50: Kathy

It's a plaid day today thanks to Kathy in San Diego :)  I got this a while back and finally put it to use. Week 50: Kathy - Before

The main issue with this was the size on me.  I loved the colors in the striping...

Blue, grey, & red, oh my!

...but it was a super busy pattern on a piece that was too big, so I had to do a little bit of adjusting to do!

I decided to work on this completely from the back of the dress.  I began by trying the dress on and began pinning the area that needed to be taken in.


I started all the way from the top of the dress and went straight down to the bottom, making one long seam in total and then sewed it in place.

Stitching down the back

My first try ended up being a bit too big still, so I took another go to make it more fitted.  Le fin...

Week 50: Kathy - After

I didn't end up tightening the sleeves but instead just rolled them up one more time.  They didn't bother me as much even though they did unroll each time I took my jacket off.

It was my dad's birthday, so we did a little treat night enjoying some delish pies from Simple Things.


We went the 'mini pie so we could share' route and got a plate full of coconut cream, French silk and banoffee (caramel/banana mix) goodness!!

Happy Birthday!!

We parked a few blocks away and had a healthy, albeit brisk, walk back to the car which made for mini stops along the way.

When we hit the knitting studio, all I wanted was the sweater coat in the window to layer on top of my outfit.


I shouldn't complain though...as we walked to the car we were reminiscing about living in NY and all the snow we used to see, the LIRR commute into Manhattan that my dad had to do, and all the snow that's been coming down this season... The idea of not having to shovel or trek through slushy roads made us actually appreciate the chilly night.  I do have to say, I am pretty good at shoveling...I'll offer my services next time I'm in your area :)