Week 50: Caroline Part III

I decided that I couldn't let the excess fabric from this piece go to waste and had to use the rest up - I went back to the dress that Caroline sent me... Week 50: Caroline - Before

I'm taking the whole 'snout to tail' thing to heart - it's just my version of cooking the entire pig, using all the bits and pieces of this dress up!

I took the leftover rectangular remnant and began preparing for a little drawstring skirt!!  I began by pinning under the top of the piece.

Pinning new seam up top!

Next, I went to the sewing machine and began stitching a small rectangular space in the center of the skirt on the material I had just pinned under.


This was going to be the area that the ribbon drawstring would be coming out of the skirt.


Took a seam ripper and snipped out the fabric in the center making it ready to go!

All open!

I stitched down a new seam next, making sure I left enough room (about an inch) for the ribbon to be added.  I just used thin ribbon from my collection that you can grab at Michael's or JoAnn's or even at the 99 Cent Store if you're lucky.

Red ribbon!

The ribbon is something that actually could be added prior to sewing, however I strung in the ribbon after just to make sure that I wouldn't stitch over it on accident.

Ribbon in!

I took a wooden skewer and taped the ribbon to the end and pulled it throught the top of the skirt.  The drawstring looked a little something like this...

Drawstring time!

I took my new skirt, paired it with a navy tank and a cardi (in the earlier part of the day) along with my fringed Minnetonkas and had my outfit good to go.

Week 50: Caroline Part III - After

I loved getting the most bang for my buck with this piece!!  Because it's on the warmish side out here, I dressed for the spring, however I'd add some tights and either a long sleeved T, cardi or sweater to layer if it were colder out.

Boot City USA!

Thanks to Caroline again for this lovely piece - if I paid for it I'd say I got my money's worth :)