Week 50: Kendall

Since it is Valentine's Day, I thought going a little pastel would be perfect!  This dress came to me from Kendall in Northern California! (Hello neighbor!!) This is what she sent me...

Week 50: Kendall - Before

'It looked like a shiny, pastel Easter egg but was ripped at the waist.  It's worth a shot to salvage..."


Love the shine, love the lavender...Kendall knows my style :)

The first thing I did was tackle that waist that had a BIG hole in it!

The hole from the inside!

Luckily it was on the seam, so I began to pin the elastic to the fabric, right where I needed to sew.  I had a little 'gather then pin' session going on until the hole was no 'mo!

Pinned up the hole!

I threaded my machine and went over the area I had pinned twice, just to reinforce.

Sewin down that waist!

Next came the sleeves!  I chopped them in half, hiii ya!

Cut sleeves!

I then began to snip off the strips of striped fabric, one piece at a time.

Cutting the stripes!

I took my strips and tied them into cute little bows.


After I had a handful tied I began pinning them to the front of the dress in a vertical row.

New front of my dress!!

This completely changed the way it looked - I was going to take it shorter but I liked where the length hit especially with the red boots I was going to be rocking.  It is V Day, so why not red it up, right?

Couldn't resist a little posing with my mannequin friends in red on Melrose.

Window shopping!

Unfortch these mannequins were not as cool as Kim Cattrall was in the critically acclaimed film, by me, in 1987, Mannequin.

Is it weird that I wanted to grow up to be a Mannequin when I was 7?

Me and AR channeled our inner Justin Bieber...

Channeling our inner Bieber!

...because we're not-so-secretly obsessed with Jimmy Fallon's "Reflections with Justin Bieber" sketch and we do that little heart deal all the time.  It just works better on V Day :)

A little bow close up as I was in my bathroom putting on makeup before meeting up with some girlfriends.

Close up!!

On route, I couldn't resist taking another shot next to this car parked on the street just because my boots matched again!

My boots match!

I forgot it was Valentine's Day for a sec and had to sneak a peek to make sure there wasn't a make out sesh taking place while I abducted this vehicle for a photo.  That would be weird, on top of the fact that some random girl is taking a pic in front of a car that isn't hers.  PS, if this car belongs to one of you out there, thank you for parking it in just the right spot for me to shoot these photos and I'll treat you to a car wash if we ever meet :)

Making sure it was empty...

After the impromptu photo shoot, I met up with the gals, ordered a pint of White Rascal, Belgium style beer, and cheersed!


I also received a lovely CVS gift card, with no credit left, to be crafted into something awesome from my new friends Scott and David.  I smell a charm coming!!

V Day present!!

My final matching pic, because they always come in threes, is of my nails with the beer koozie that was wrapped around my beverage.

Nails match!

Couldn't resist mostly because I never do red on the hands and I needed to document.  Toes, totally...fingers, not so much!  I feel like it's too bold for my fair skin, but I may just have to get over that issue.

I hope everyone had a love filled day!!  Don't forget to enter the V Day Giveaway too - CLICK HERE to win!!

Thanks for today's piece Kendall!! xoxo