Week 51: Pam

Hello dress with lots of animals on it from Pam in Arizona! Week 51: Pam - Before

It's fitting as Chinese New Year just rang in!  It's the year of the rabbit and even though there are no rabbits on the piece, we're going to celebrate the animals in general.  Holler for the elephants and leopards!!

I wasn't into the abundance of the lavender, so I decided to chop off the sleeves completely.

Sleeve trim!

Got the scissors out - right sleeve off then left sleeve off and we were getting closer to lessening the purple.

Sleeve trim!

The peachy material at the chest area was halfway open down the center.  I think that in its original context it was completely sewed up, but I opted to open the entire thing right down the seam.

Out comes the seam!

Next I was not into the peachy panel of fabric at the bottom of the dress.  Minimizing this color blocking, I cut it off and shortened the dress just a smidge.  I'm obsessed with these animals and I wanted to make them the centerpiece.

Cutting off the extra peach bottom!

After all the cuts and trims, I began to prep everything before I sewed it all in place.  I pinned it where I needed to take it in and fixed the area at the arms.


Got the hem taken care of at the bottom and then got out the sewing machine to finish it all up.

Hem it!

I took a forest green t-shirt I got from the Targe (aka Target), a pair of black leggings (I'm still under the weather...one of the few times I'm allowed in leggings aside from the rain and the gym) and my black boots and paired it with my new jumper-esque piece.

Week 51: Pam - After

It was just the thing to catch up on some Tivo'ed Modern Family and all the NBC Valentine themed shows while enjoying a bowl of lentil soup on the couch with my chenille blanket.  Fun Thursday, eh?

I match the chair!

Love the animal dress Pam - watched another Pam on The Office tonight getting drunky with Jim!  Pam love in the air all over :)