Week 51: Casey

Today's dress came from Casey P. in Cincinnati and I loved what she said when she found this.

"I saw this dress when I was at the Goodwill and it made me think of the dress you wore on Nate Berkus!  Good luck!"

When I saw the piece I felt the same way...so much so that I tried to recreate the same before pose.

Before pose: Week 51!

Week 51: Casey - Before

Before pose: Day 297!

Day 297 - Before

I did the same bun, wore the same Havaianas, cocked my head in the same direction...not too shabby, eh?

Clearly there was a LOT going on in the length of this dress.  It was literally a round tent - if I jumped up the bottom of the dress would be a parachute.  Not really going for that look.

Long trim!

I began my trim journey along the bottom of the piece and took off about nine inches or so.

Made it across the blue fabric waters!

With the leftover, I folded the fabric in half and trimmed off what's going to become a sash for the new piece.  (This sash piece was close to about three inches)

Sash time!

The neckline was next on the agenda.  I began by unstitching the patch of fabric directly connected to the gathered neck...

Some seam ripping at the neck!

...and and then undid a bit of the vertical seam down the entire front of the dress.  I opened it up a little to show just a bit of skin


I restitched the neck and tacked the half moon shaped that had been created.

Last minute stitches

I took my sash and wrapped it around my waist twice, tying it front and center.

Week 51: Casey - After

I love this swishy material, but can I be honest for a second...I was sweating like crazy!  My sweat glands seemed to be overproducing tonight and the area under the arms turned a little darker blue.  Can I get a 'what, what' from those sweaters out there :)  I always carry my Lady Speed Stick (Shower Fresh) in my purse for these exact instances.

The sash was looped and totally like a bow on a present.

Le sash!

Unfortunately, I didn't have a hair or make up girl prepping the face like I did below...

Day 297 (Nate Show) - After

Casey P., you rule for sending me this piece - I got to revisit one of my favorite days from last year!!  Thanks so much lady!!