Day 364 1/2. 1 day and $1 left to go.

And Part Two of Day 364 has arrived!!  When I returned from Santa Barbara yesterday, I headed over to NK's to do a little footballing.  USC (my non-bowl eligible team) was playing Notre Dame and I just had to root against our archrivals, the Fighting Irish. My outfit for the day were these lovely puppies.

Day 364 1/2 - Before

Some dude's hypercolor shorts!!  Slightly reminiscent of these Vineyard Vines' ones...

Who's got these in their closets??

I loved the batik look and loved that it also had my school's cardinal and gold splattered all over.

Cardinal & Gold..with some other non-school colors!

No shorts for me's skirt transformation time!!

First step, undo the seam keeping the leg holes separate!

Undo those leg holes!!

Once the shorts were completely open below the waist...

Flying free!

...I began pinning down where I was going to sew - I wanted to make it a bit tighter and to straighten the seam.

Pinning new seam!

Once my skirt was pinned...

Almost there! was time to head to the machine!!

Stitch city!!

I stitched down my new skirt and rocked it while cheering on the Trojans!!

Day 364 1/2 - After

We unfortunately lost in the end, but put forth a valiant effort.  Not even wearing my cardinal hoodie helped the situation.

Sad defeat

Lots of rain on a muddy field (which was in full force most of the game) offered slippery hands but didn't really explain the off-target throws. Que sera sera.

Part Two is complete!!  And then there was one...