Day 364. 1 day and $2 left to go.

Since I've got an extra buck in my pocket, i thought my second to last day should utilize the excess dollar...consider this part one of Day 364!! Now this muumuu, complete with the leopard print and silky teal collar...hello Blanche Devereaux!!  I guarantee this was in the wardrobe room of The Golden Girls at some point!  It's a sleep dress of sorts (full on zipper down the front...) that I knew I just had to have a go at.

Day 364 - Before

I mean it would just be silly to turn down leopard print, right??

I got rid of those shoulder pads that were a different black satin material...

Not happening for long!

Now it necessary to wear shoulder pads when you're going to sleep??


The teal collar was actually attached to the muumuu itself, so I snipped it free of its constraints!


I unzipped the front of the dress about four inches and then folded each side under.

Fold Under!

Next came the sleeves which I completely removed.

eOne off...

Got everything pinned and ready for the last step!


We're going to shorten!

Let's bring it up!!

After cutting and pinning, the piece was good to go.  I got out the iron to press it for a bit and got a little present.

New hem!

A big ole burn on my arm!  The iron fell on its side and grazed me as I accidentally, er klutzily, brushed my arm against it.  Let me just say that I've been Aloe City USA all day today!!


I stitched up the raw edges and took it in a bit as well.  I wanted it to be more fitted as it was turning into a little jumper of sorts!

Taking it in!!

I took a short sleeved black turtleneck, black tights and my beige ankle boots to pair with my new piece on a little day trip up to Santa Barbara with the family.

Day 364 - After

We piled into the car (my parents, brother and grandma) and had a scenic little drive up the coast to hang in one of my favorite places for lunch on State Street and to check out the beach.

Hangin' on benches...

It was chilly, but the sun was out and shining for most of the day.  We grabbed BLT/reuben/tuna/pulled pork sandwiches, walked up and down the streets past lots of people beginning their holiday shopping at Cost Plus, Urban Outfitters and Macy's right before the wind picked up and caused the layers to get put on!


My SB daytime trip was part one of Day 364.  Part two is spent back in LA doing a little football watching and will follow a little later today!  Just trying to stretch these last few hours as much as I can!!