Day 293. 72 days and $74 left to go.

This dress wasn't too horrendously out of shape when I first found it but needed a little TLC... Day 293 - Before

The pattern of the fabric was amazing and that was what immediately struck me!  I'm a sucker for the black and white palette too!   The sleeves were like bell bottoms though and I was not into that.  Didn't need any flare happening at the end of them so that was going to be on my to do list tonight.

The length of the dress hit at a weirdish spot around my ankles, so I though shortening up the entire thing would make me a happy camper.

The sleeves had to be fixed and that was the first thing I got to.  Took my scissors and chopped them off!!

Short Sleeves!

I pinned the raw edges down and sewed myself a new little seam at the end of the sleeves. I tamed the flare!!  I tamed the flare!!

New Seam!

Next I got to cutting the skirt shorter.  I began trimming right between one of the black and white striped areas which worked as a lovely little guide for keeping my snipping straight.

Going shorter!

I pinned down the edges and created a new hem with my sewing machine.

New Hem

Before I put it on, I cut another strip from the leftover fabric to act as a sash to tie around my waist.

This is what my after ended up lookin like!  Cute and classy for a Friday morning!

Day 293 - After

I was originally thinking of making something a little more casual that would have worked with my Converse today (boy do I love casual Fridays) but I had a little evening planned and wanted to look spiffy!

I headed down to the Farmer's Market...

Day 293 - After (in action!!)

...for a little dinnering with my gal REF who was in town from San Fran for the weekend and her fab hubbsters CF.  Him: Shawarma. Her: Mexican from Loteria Grill (home of my favorite nachos ever - Day 77 shows the love). Me: Cajun Chicken Sausage Jambalaya.  I love a place where you can literally enjoy cornbread, tacos, and falafel all on one plate if you so choose.  A total buffet type sitch without the sharing of the tongs.

Heart my REF!

We caught up, made a little pit stop at Barnes & Noble to check out and purchase this month's LA Mag that I'm featured in (REF so graciously pointed this fact out - literally - to our cashier Dave opening up to my page while checking out), and had a little run in with Daniel Dae Kim (Hello Jin from LOST!) while dining.

Such a lovely way to wrap up the work week.

TGIF!  Happy weekend friends:)