Day 292. 73 days and $75 left to go.

Mmm, we're working with a bubble gum-ish pink color palette to ring in the new site today!! Day 292 - Before

Accordion skirt, check, big sheer sleeves, check - it's like someone was chewing gum, blew a bubble, and it exploded in the form of this dress!!

I started off with a little unstitching!!  I began taking out the seam that held this sheer sleeve in place as I was going to go sleeveless today!

Getting rid of that sheer sleeve!

'I got one sleeve down and did the same on the other until they were both off!  The pile of sheer material below was going to enjoy a trip to Excess Fabrictown which is made up of three-boroughs right now and in the talks to branch out to a fourth.  Three duffels are currently holding these excess pieces in my hallway and on my bedroom floor.

Sleeves are off!!

.After the sleeves were removed I tackled the length next.  I cut off about six inches my first go, which just wasn't enough, and did a slight rewind and took off some more until I ended up with the bottom of the dress hitting my knees.

Trimming the pleats!

I had to stitch the armholes up so I prepped and got them pinned in place.  Out came my sewing machine and I got to chewing er sewing!!  I also took the body in about two inches on each side to make it fit just a bit tighter as well.

Pinned and prepped for new seam!

The piece came with some dangling strings around the waist area, so I used these as a little belt to give the waist just a pinch more cinch!!  My dress was looking less like a popped mouthful of Big League Chew now!  Paired with my fave, most comfy red boots from an LF Stores sample sale and a necklace I grabbed a few years back from my gal Fatima on Etsy, my outfit was ready for the streets!

Day 292 - After

OK, well maybe not streets exactly, but red tiled patio for sure to cheers to the fab AR's birthday with a guava margie.  The day began with the celebration of her birth at the office...

Breakfast of Champions...

...and continued on into the evening.  I stopped by for a quick frothy, fiesta beverage to close out the day long festivities!

HB AR :)

Kind of awesome for a Thursday and the weekend is just mere hours away...