Day 163. 202 days and $199 left togo.

Anyone else feel me that they need another weekend to recupe from the weekend we just had? Whew. Busy weekend=tired Marisa, however the week is just beginning and it's time to make the donuts. Today's dress was a lil' too big and a lil' too neck constricting. On top of the fact that it was made of a not so comfortable polyester either.

Day 163 - Before

Aside from that, the print on the fabric was ridiculous! The hot, hot pink flowers, bright yellow daisies, and the teal stems were enough for me to fall in love with the dress immediately.

First thing I got to was taking it in. Instead of tightening up on each side, I brought it in from the back.

Pinning the area to rehem

I pinned the excess material from the top of the dress all the way to the bottom and sewed a brand new hem. Next came the collar.

Cut that collar!!

Because I actually like to breathe, the neckline needed to be loosened up. I snipped a few inches down the center and pinned each new raw-edged side underneath and sewed them down.

ECU! (Extreme Close-Up!)

Love my new V neck that actually gives some breathing room! Ooh, and the sash you see? That comes from the excess material I cut after taking it in. Wanna check out the whole puppy?

Day 163 - After

I have to say, it reminds me of this lovely $22.80 number from Forever 21 that would totally be on my to purchase list, if I could actually go shopping at a store.

Forever 21's version

The thing I like the most about both pieces is the pleating around the waist. This extra bit of detail gives both dresses a dainty, vintage flair that I'm loving.


And you can kind of see the new hem I created when I took the dress in. No longer a lil' too big and no longer a lil' too neck constricting it's all just right!!

Remember that extra weekend I requested earlier? Where's Evie and her time stopping fingers from Out of this World when you need her?

Use those fingers! Stop that time!

Sidenote...let me just say if I ever come across a genie ready to grant me three wishes, this will definitely be one of them. Hands down. Fo realz.