Day 162. 203 days and $200 lefttogo.

Happy Sunday, but more importantly, Happy Mother's Day! On the agenda for me today was a trip to the flea market at the Rose Bowl per my mama's request. The day began with iced coffees and a mini (25 minute) road trip to Pasadena for some thrifting/sifting/people watching action! My choice for the day...

Day 162 - Before

A muumuu of extreme ruffled proportions! It's like a country western muumuu going on right now, you think? I like the ruffles, just not the way they're looking now, so it's time for some tweaking!

First, I began by cutting the dress in half as I was going to work this into a top.

Chopping time!

Now because I am a ruffles fan (of the ones on the dress and the delish chips, preferably of the Baked, Cheddar & Sour Cream variety) I wanted to make a few layers of them on the top. Before I got to the ruffle layering, I had to take the top in a bit from both sides.

Pinning the areas where I'm going to take it in!

I pinned the area (a couple of inches) and took it in. Now that it was fitted, it was time to attach some flair. With the excess fabric, I added a row of ruffles to the front of the top and two rows of ruffles to the back.

I took the fabric, folded it like an accordion (pleated at every inch mark), and pinned it down to the top.

Pinning my pleats!

Here, you can see the pleats a little closer (from a view of the top edging).

View from the top

After these were placed down into the rows, the piece took a trip to the sewing machine where the layers were stitched down.


You can see the navy thread of where the stitching went over the newly added ruffles. I now had one additional row on the front to accompany the pre-existent ruffle collar and two new rows on the back to accompany the back ruffles.

Day 162 - After

Bladow ! (Urban dictionary def included mostly for my mom, but in case anyone else may need to check it too :) There was some severe ruffleage going on and I was loving it.

Showing that ruffle action

And the layered action from the back...

From the back...

And we concluded the afternoon with a hit of the deliciousness below. I mean...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

To all the gorgeous mamas out there, including my own gorge one, hope today was beautiful!!