Day 155. 210 days and $207 left togo.

Oh Sunday, how I love thee...a little sleeping in usually, coffee a-flowin', and garage sale hopping, all in a relaxing afternoon. Today, however, went a smidge off sched, but was still equally as awesome. Before we even get to the piece picked out today, let's just throw this out there to begin... Didn't you wear that yesterday?

Yep, my day began bright and early (actually more dark and early, rather - hello FIVE am!!) and I was still in the ensemble from yesterday. As tradition goes, myself along with a few other friends got up to wait in line for tickets to the summer season at the Hollywood Bowl. This is what I associate my summers with in Los Angeles, for the past 10 years...outdoor theater, warm August nights listening to Mozart or Ray LaMontagne, lots of wine, lots of delicious eats...right in the middle of the city. It's truly blissful :) Now, yesterday's Day 154's blue top made another appearance this morning as yes friends, I passed out in it last night (bra and all) and just decided to rock it out again for the first couple of hours today as the "Hollywood Hotties" crew (thanks to AK for coining the term at 6 am today) waited for and purchased tickets for all our friends for this summer's schedule. Just warning y'all now...the background to lots of this summer's images will have a very similar backdrop as half my summer will be spent in section R.

The real outfit came after a much deserved nap at three o'clock which lasted for a few hours.

Day 155 - Before

Hello checkered fabric and frilly eyelet trim! It looks like a very long apron that I should be wearing as I grill burgers. Didn't want that connotation, so it was time to make some ch-ch-ch-changes.

Cut off the bottom of the dress!! That extra bit of eyelet was just too country and as much as I liked the little bit of it at the top, I needed to get rid of the trim below.


I off about nine inches of fabric and gave the new bottom edge a brand new hem. Now the dress was also a bit large still, so I took in a few inches on both sides of the dress, and rehemmed the sides from under the arms all the way to the bottom. My last tweak was cinching the top of the dress right around my boobs and safety pinning it together to give it less of a straight across neckline and more of a ruched effect.

Day 155 - After

Paired with my red boots, my ensemble was totally ready to get out of the house a bit to meet up with friends, enjoy some ciders and key lime martinis on the house for the slightly non-existent service we received from our waitress, and most importantly celebrate the visit of former Los Angeleno, the fab DL. We reminisced about college and the dormmates who mistook mini fridges for toilets, the atrocity of Vegas' Circus Circus hotel that nobody should ever have to be subject to stay in, and the freshman seminar "Tye Dye & Existentialism: The Culture of the 60s" class that ended up sounding way better than it actually was.

I heart DL

Even though no sleeping in, coffee or thrifting was done today, it was still such a great Sunday. Amazing friends, amazing memories, amazing music to look forward to this summer!! Woo hoo...I smell crafted lederhosen and dirndl's for The Sound of Music Sing-Along, just sayin'.