Day 154. 211 days and $208 left togo.

Knowing that on this evening's agenda was a Dodger game, I was in search for something blue that I could don to cheer on the home team. In my search, I came across this puppy which was going to be perfecto. Day 154 - Before

A blue muumuu with some fabulous red, purple and blue striping. Totally aces. Being it was a night game, I wasn't really into wearing a dress just because even though Los Angeles is all warm and lovely during the day, it gets quite chilly as the sun goes down. It was going to be a jeans night, so out came the scissors.

Excess Strip!

I trimmed off about six inches from the bottom of the dress, so that meant goodbye stripe trio. I really did like those stripes, however I'll try to get them to make another appearance at a later date. Maybe as a sash around something polka-dotted or vertically striped? The options are endless, so I'll just keep you posted. That's it for this one. Quick snip and we were off to downtown.

Take me out to the ballgame!

It started off at dusk so the sunglasses were most definitely still on until we hit the third inning. Once we got on the board, the shades came off and the posing began.

Day 154 - After

Aside from some Nightmare on Elm Street promos and a Jeopardy sponsored "Daily Double" screen (and theme song!) that came on after each double made in the game, this was the other awesome part...

Don't Stop Believin!

This dude! Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'," plays each game right as the bottom of the 8th inning begins and of course the cameramen find the most dance-y/charismatic/crazy fans singing along with the song to shoot. This guy ruled and they didn't even film anyone else aside from him. He was a total blend of...

Judah Friedlander...

one of the best parts about 30 Rock!

meets Zach Galifianakis...

"Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon."

meets Dan Finnerty from The Dan Band...

Their version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" kind of rocks my socks!

and it was awesome!! Then post-winning, I proceeded with my comic hijinks and did the below.

Froyo dish turned new accessory

Clearly not as funny or cool as the Journey dude, but I was amused :)