Day 142. 223 days and $220 left to go.

Today's little number had bad news (and stripes) all over it! Well hello teal! I haven't seen this much of you since I was in the bedroom that I grew up in...splashed (literally, there were paint splashes as that was the jam in the 80s) with some peach notes as well. It's lovely to make your acquaintance again today! Aside from the teal ish, there were a bunch of other problems as well, but we'll get to tackling those uno momento! Here's the before...

Day 140 - Before

Long sleeves? Yuck. Definitely not attractive, so I cut them short and had them end at my elbows. Length was kind of weird and as it was pleated, I was not feeling it at all. Too elementary school teacher-y circa 1986 and I definitely don't have my teaching credentials.

Cutting the bottom of the skirt!

After cutting both, I rehemmed the sleeves and the edge of the skirt so no fraying would take place. The body and rest of the leftover sleeves were definitely still problematic - a bit too big still so I took it in. Let me say, it took me a couple of times to get it right. The torso worked the first time, but the sleeves were still big. Try two got the sleeves all good and tightened, but the skirt was still a bit too big. I finally got the skirt on point and the dress was almost ready to wear.

Last problem...these puppies.

Teal pads!

Took out those puffy pads and added them to the collection - looks like we're ready to roll!

Day 140 - After

Don't be confused friends - I know it looks like I'm doing the Irish jig. The only time you may find me jigging is on St. Patty's Day with my fellow Irishmen (and lasses) after a few Irish car bombs (those Bailey's/Guinness concoctions are really only allowed on that holiday). However tonight it was just a bit of posing in front of Jerry's Liquor, like you do, post an NBA Finals eve full of Happy Hour nachos, sweet potato fries and Blue Moons (not at Jerry's Liquor, but down the street...)

A little closer up...

I added my vintage navy belt to break the teal up a bit and after a few buttons unbuttoned, my new dress had completed a 180. Teal brought it today, that's for sure, and I'm so glad it did!