Day 141. 224 days and $221 left to go.

I hope everyone has been enjoying their weekends! Lots of Stanley Cup and NBA finals-ing, post-Tax Day-ing, Coachella-ing, midst of Opening Week of baseball-ing, good weather-ing... Lots of options, no matter where you are! Today I had a fun project. Bold print and comfortable cotton small prob. One BIG tear. Day 141 - Before

Now, here's the thing...TOTES SALVAGABLE!! Just because there is a big, gaping tear down the dress, doesn't mean we need to toss it. I grabbed it at the everything's a dollar sale, so I did end up spending that dollar even though I would have most definitely talked it down if it were at a garage sale or flea market. However I saw the potential and was ready to get to it.

Pin that slit!!

I pinned together the very L-O-N-G area that was open to prep some mending. After pinning, I stitched a very long brand new hem to close the gaping hole.

Pinned and stitched!

Aside from the huge tear, it was still a bit too long for my tastes, so I brought it up to my knees. I cut off a little bit of material, and used a little strip as a makeshift belt to cinch the dress together a bit.

There I am. Standing in front of one of the few Southern California locations of my favorite quick eats joint. CHICK-FIL-A.

Day 141 - After...From Afar :)

The only issue? I literally had my Wally World moment. That's right. We went. We parked. We were denied. As soon as we walked up, it came to us. Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sunday. Hmm, where's Chevy Chase, Bev D'Angelo and the rest of the Griswold clan?


I couldn't get my chicken sandwich with pickles, peach milkshake, and waffle fries. I know, I know. I had been saving up all weekend for a little splurging today and i was totally denied. However, it's hard to be totally bummed when you have to travel to the beach for some grub...

Hi Beach.

So, ultimately it wasn't so bad. No chicken sandwich, but there was most definitely sand as well as some lovely ocean views and fresh breezes. Sigh...