Day 105. 260 days and $255 left to go.

Happy weekend friends!! I don't know about you, but I'm jazzed for daylight savings tonight!! Now, I'm a bit exhausted from the weekend already - I know, it's only halfway through - and the idea of losing an hour of sleep tonight is kind of gut wrenching, however the benefits are going to make me one happy gal. Grilling dinner on the patio while it's still light out, check. Hikes at 7pm, check. Walking home from happy hour before the sun sets, check. I'm already giddy with excitement! So, in honor of more light and less sleep tonight, I went with something super easy today! Something that all of you can do... Day 107 - Before

OK, first thing's first - these sleeves...TDF (To Die For). Yes, those billowy sleeves with black piping were more than worth the $1 price tag. If the rest of the dress was shredded, I would have still bought it and used those sleeves on a tank because they were beyond fabulous. The waist was a little large but that was my only big (ha - just saw the pun now, post-writing) issue. And as much as I liked it as a dress, all I wanted to wear today was a comfy pair of jeans, some boots and a zip up hoodie to keep me warm in this lovely mid-60s weather, so guess what? Yep, I turned it into a top.

So, pretty much all I did for this was cut off about a foot from the bottom of the dress. I left the edges raw (no hemming, too tired) and didn't even tweak the large waist. Quick fix for the waist prob - I used some of the leftover fabric from Day 84 as a belt/sash which cinched it in. The result?

Day 105 - After

Now this exuberant after pic was taken just as I won a close game of Wii bowling. I tend to get really excited, clearly, and I will rejoice all I can because in Wii bowling, I'm pretty good. Bring me to some actual lanes and I don't even get close to cracking 100.

Wii Action Shot!

Today, I didn't need those bumper in the gutters. When I hit my fave spot Shatto Lanes, which serves a mean $4.75 Makers on the rocks, that will be a totally different story.

Happy Daylight Savings friends!!