Day 104. 261 days and $256 left to go.

It's Friday, y'all!! That's right, I'm channeling my inner South right now and yes, am totally craving some barbeque. I had a late afternoon viewing of Whip It, tied into SXSW chatter, both which are take place in Austin, and that's all I'm jonesing for right now. A trip down South for some grub and some y'all-ing. With that being said, my choice for today included ruffles. Kinda pageanty and trés Southern - I promise I'll refrain from the big hair though. Big dress however, my hands are tied. Check it! Day 104 - Before

It's a big, big, nightgowny mess right now. The ruffles at the top of the dress are sick and I love that bottom ruffle too, however it's just too big and unflattering. Those sleeves are out of control and not in a good way. The bold magenta color was originally what drew me in as it had a slightly batik look to it. I do heart dark shades of pink, but there was some work that needed to be done y'all.

I mentioned my love of the ruffle that was found on the bottom of the dress, however I had to go with my gut. I hacked off half of the skirt to take it in the shirt direction. I know, I know...I shed a single tear, however the color/ruffle action was a little too much and it needed to be broken up with some jeans. I took some scissors and went to choppin'.

Pile o'fabric

The excess fabric above could clothe a small army, so we'll keep that around to use again somewhere. I made a new hem at the bottom of the newly turned shirt before taking in the body and a bit of the sleeves.

New hem!

My sleeve issue stemmed from the weird length/puffyness/largeness of them, so I thought that making them short would do the trick. Instead of chopping them off, I pulled them up (thank goodness they were big!) and thanks to gravity, the fabric over my triceps draped down my arm nicely. I took my newly fitted shirt, added some jeans, and let down the hair. Nothing big like I said.

Day 104 - After

All I need is a plate of BBQ, some slaw and hush puppies to satiate my Southern craving (See Day 59 for my love o'hush puppies). PS - Tomorrow is daylight savings! This is like a holiday to me - no joke, sunlight when I get home from work is like the best thing ever! Bring it loss of an hour of sleep tomorrow night. I'm ready!!