Day 85. 280 days and $276 left to go.

For a Sunday ensemble perfect for brunching, thrifting, and watching the US Olympic hockey team beat Canada I went with something that would work as a tunic so that yes, I could get out my leggings. It was a little cooler today with some rains here and there, so the staple comfy leg-coverings made an appearance. So did this... Day 85 - Before

I found a Barong - thanks to REF for the verification that it is indeed the traditional Filipino male wedding shirt :) - and wanted to make it work on me. I'm not a Filipino male but had every intention to rock it out as they do at their celebrations! Because it was a little larger on me, I took in the sleeves a bit as well as the width. I love the embroidery - the detail is absolutely stunning and I wanted to make it pop, so I grabbed my trusty box of dyes and went with a purple shade. After, you ask? It looked like this.

Day 85 - After

The perfect little tunic over my leggings and a black cami! I rolled up the sleeves and took my fave toad clasped belt to cinch the waist in a little more.

ECU! (Embroidery Close Up!)

Chic, yes. And, the most comfy, colorful outfit to spend Sunday in? Yes to that as well.