Day 84. 281 days and $277 left to go.

Now I think today's piece is one that goes to the fave list. It started out as the below... Day 84 - Before

It totally has the feel of an Olympic skier uniform, aside from the big, billowy skirt part - high neck, long and tight sleeves, kinda shiny...I know, I know - my mind has been stuck on the Winter Games, but it is totally reminiscent, n'est ce pas? We did need to fix that as there's no way I'm toting along ski poles tonight. I wanted to open it up a bit on top and make it a tad shorter as well, so I began with seam ripping the three main seams on the top of the dress...

Seam Rippin'

and when I opened the top up enough for just a little exposure,


I trimmed the fabric off and stitched down some new hems along the edges of my newly made neckline. I also turned the long sleeves into 3/4 sleeves with just a little trimming and cutting off action as well.

3/4th-ing the sleeves!

I also cut off about a foot of fabric from the bottom of the skirt and rehemmed it to a length that was a little higher than my knee. I snipped a small piece from that excess material and used it as a belt to gather and give a little more shape to the dress.

Day 84 - After

Hello new dress!! I have to be completely honest...when I was trying to figure out what to do with this puppy I wasn't sure if opening up the top was going to work - the seams were in the perfect spots to make unhemming and rehemming easy but I thought it may look super 90s. It was worth a shot and when I started to see where it was going, I totally fell in love.

Kinda More Close Up

The high neck stayed intact and the new opening on the top of the dress ended up being a nice, little, breezy treat as we tore up the dance floor for JS's birthday.

Me et JS

And to give you a better view, here is a closer up shot of my chestal area...

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

This one for sure goes on my "I Heart" list...many thanks to the lovely JS for assisting in making that happen because if it were not for her birthday celebratory eve full of tapas, wine and strawberry muddled cocktails tonight, this may not have come to fruition. She is also added to the "I Heart" list as well :)