Day 55. 310 days and $306 left to go.

So, even though the rains were still coming down, I made a game time decision to nix the leggings (they'll be making an appearance again tomorrow friends as I'm LAX bound in the am) and go with a fun, frilly shirt that I literally almost made out with when I locked eyes. It was that fah-bulous and was just a buck. Checky here... Day 55 - Before

The itsy-bitsy black polka dots on the white crêpe shirt were so delicious that I snagged the blouse without even testing the fit. I'm a ruffle girl too, so those were the icing on this scrumptious cupcake. The one issue was that the shirt was severely see through - even with a nude bra underneath (which is the best trick ever - never use white under white!!) you could still see through. I considered using dye, but I loved the black and white combo, so I pulled my trusty little criss-cross slip top that I made in Day 22 and put it on underneath. I opened a few of the buttons to really accentuate the ruffs and had my ensemble for the day...

Day 55 - After

My outfit was rain proof, but the hair...that's a whole other sitch. Happy weekend and stay dry my dears! xx M