Day 54. 311 days and $307 left to go.

Hello friends! Greetings from Storm Watch '10!! Los Angeles has been getting hit with a whole lotta rain this week, which I am in heaven over! But, let's be honest, the last thing I want to be doing is gallivanting all over the city in reformed muumuus and dresses right now, because I tend to step in puddles or get splashed without trying. I was coined Olive (as in Oyl) by girlfriends in college, so you get the picture. I told you that the "felt circle chicken pox with white beaded embroidery" from Day 40 would return, didn't I?

Beaded felt circles!!

Well, being that I really just wanted to wear anything that would go with my black cashmere wrap (literally my favorite piece of clothing scored at a sample sale four or so years ago that I live in) and a pair of leggings (yes, they're only allowed on my legs when I'm in yoga, at the chiropractor or immersed in rainy days). I thought of these and the potential they had to transform into something rockin', so the stitching began...

Stitching 3 together

View of the newly finished stitched together circles!

(From the back, from the back)

And then just a little pinning action to one of the like 35 wife beaters in my collection...

View of pinning action

...and today's masterpiece is complete.

Day 54 - After

And on top of it all, today didn't cost a dime either since I plucked the felt beaded circles of love from my Mad Men skirt! Fingers crossed my leggings don't make a repeat performance tomorrow, however it's still looking pretty cloudy with a chance of meatballs. We'll see what LA gives me in the am. Sweet dreams friends!