Day 27. 338 days and $334 left to go.

So when today's shirt was found, as pretty as all the embroidered details were, the fabric was fraying all around the hems. The top was made out of a crepe material and it was super fine, so I was completely unsure if it was worth it to snag - I wasn't sure if I'd be able to fix all the holes. Day 27 - Before

It was a pretty blue color which I loved and very delicate, so I decided to take it home with me for a buck. Not only did I have to sew new hems on the fraying areas, I also re-sewed over the existing hem to reinforce them. Didn't want any new snags to arise. (My sewing was the white thread below, here on top of the damaged and frayed areas by the shoulders.)

Day 27 - During the Tweaking

After a relatively easy fix - just some stitching on the original hems - the shirt was ready to go. And it matched the ornaments :)

Day 27 - After

Just because hems get pulled, ripped, or worn out it doesn't mean you need to toss or get rid of it! Even if you're without a sewing machine, a simple hand stitch or even safety pins can make an unwearable piece totally wearable. A little secret...I own a fabulous pair of jeans that happened to be too long when I got them. While I was set on getting them tailored and hadn't had a chance to take them anywhere before a night that I needed to wear them, I shortened the cuffs myself with some trusty duct tape. Yepsters, duct tape did such a stellar job that I've yet to take them in to get fixed. I was the only one who knew and felt pretty proud of my crafty MacGyverness. Just a little trick of the trade.